Commissions are simple artworks of characters, portraits, or unique pieces of art you want me to create. If you have an idea for a commission, check this page to see if I have any time available to create artwork for you.

NOTES: Commissions aren’t for those of you looking for illustrations or rights to an existing piece. You’ll want to talk about commissioning an illustration, because I’m selling you image rights. If you want to own a unique piece of artwork, contact me and be specific, referencing existing works you like or styles you want me to try and handle. The more specific you are with your description, the better I understand what you want. I cannot redo commissions, so make sure you thoroughly explain what you want in the first place.

I will do your artwork as I get them. If somebody is ahead of you, I’m likely not going to bump them out of the way.

Include reference photos or pictures from my site or others that you think will help me understand what you want better. The better you communicate, the more likely you’re going to be happy when I’m done.

Penciled Sketch: $50, Drawn  on 9×12 board in your choice of red pencil or graphite.

B&W Ink Drawing: $100, Drawn and inked on 11×14 board, with your choice of process lines cleaned up or kept.

Digital Painting: $200, Drawn on 11×17 boardand colored in Photoshop. Includes a 11×17 digital print. It’s like getting twice the art!

Acrylic Painting: Minimum $300. Painted on either wood or primed board. Be prepared to discuss what you want if you want a painting from me.