Who is this dude Eric Z, anyway?

My name’s Eric Z Goodnight. I’m an illustrator, printer, and geek. I print custom tee shirts for a living and also write about Photoshop for tech blog How-To Geek whenever I can.

I work in the Screenprint Industry as a Product Development Specialist, Production and Quality Control manager, Illustrator, Designer, and Color Separator. I bring passion to everything I do, and printing is one of my great passions.

I’m deadly serious about everything I do, yet at the same time I believe the act of creation has to be fun, so my eccentric sense of humor and tends to show through.

I don’t believe in doing things halfway, nor letting people down.

What can you do for me?

I’m an expert Photoshop user, and no slouch in Adobe Illustrator.

I’m a superb Simulated Process Screen Print Separator, also experienced with Four Color Process and Index Separations.

I’m knowledgeable about all types of printing, and I can get those T-Shirts produced for you without breaking a sweat.

I’m a skilled cartoonist and illustrator with a BFA in Illustration from East Carolina University.

I can design characters and graphics for your video game or create custom D&D character art.

I can bring your ideas to life on fabric, print, or on the web.