Eric Z Goodnight in Various Media

How To Geek

One of the most fun, geekiest websites on the net. I was a fan before I started writing for them; now I’m one of the geeks!


A blog of my thoughts, sketches, and the heroic chronicles of my Florida adventures.

The Mister Bad List

Personal tumblog site where I reblog art I like. Nothing more fancy than that.

Eric Z Goodnight, Illustrator

My humble Facebook page, where you can find my art, leave me messages, ask for commissions, and see my links.

EZG’s  Deviantart Gallery

My first foray into combining art with social media, where I learned to be a smartass to people I barely know.

Misterbadexample’s Deviantart Gallery

My alter-ego on Deviant Art, where I stash all the drawings that will make my mother swoon.

Various Art and Artist Links

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